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As parents you are a key part of your child's education and at Ley Hill you will be a welcome, integral part of all we do at school. Close and honest partnership between parents and staff is a crucial element of a successful, forward thinking school.

A selection of our school events which include parents:
  • We hold welcome meetings for parents new to our Reception class

  • Regular coffee mornings for Nursery parents

  • An open evening

  • An annual music evening

  • Evening and day time play performances

  • An annual carol service at the local church

  • Regular curriculum information or workshop events

  • Sports days and other sporting events such as a swimming gala and year 5/6 games at the local secondary school

  • Family supper following our Harvest Celebration

  • Annual music festival for all Amersham area schools

  • Annual arts and speech festival

Different Class Schoolwear.

Parent communication

Communication between school and home is of vital importance for all involved.

We have now introduced two systems of electronic communication;
  • Parent Mail - All school letters are now sent to parents by email ensuring that no letters get left in school bags and unread! Click here to view our Newsletter download section

  • Text messages - This development has improved the communication of emergent issues vastly. For example, if a trip will be late back due to traffic we can let everyone concerned know immediately or reminders of school events can be received by all parents instantly.

  • You may of course prefer to not sign up for this service but the vast majority of parents find it invaluable.

The Parent Teacher Association

The PTA at Ley Hill are very active and energetic, supporting the school and adding real value to the experience of our pupils. In recent times the PTA have funded a new SMART board in the ICT suite, helped the school offset costs for the pupils in terms of trips and special events, landscaping to the front of our school and funded a new school staff photo board.

They organise a wide range of events including Winter and Summer Fairs, quiz nights, cocktail parties, pupil discos and regular sausage sizzles at lunch times.

Please use the link below to visit their dedicated website to find out more about this superb aspect of our school community.



Ley Hill School lies at the centre of our community and we do as much as possible to maintain links with community groups and other local schools.

Examples include;
  • We have a Lottery funded Breathing Spaces reserve close to the school which has hosted a number of community events in recent years such as tree planting and creating an indigenous wild flower meadow.

  • We have links with the local cricket club who use our field for practice with the youth team.

  • The school has a recycling centre just off site which is used by the whole community.

  • The local scout group meets each week using our school as its base.

Term Times

For details of term times please click here.

Holidays in term time
The LEA directive for this is very clear and the Governors of the school have adopted this as a school policy.

Authorising a child's absence from school during term time can only be allowed if there are exceptional circumstances. For example family bereavement and special events such as weddings.

A letter explaining the exceptional circumstances and requesting the authorisation must be given to the Headteacher at least four weeks before the first date of requested absence.

These exceptional authorisations are limited to ten days per academic year.

Opening Times

School timings
The doors open at 8.40am for the children to socialise in the play ground before registration at 8.55am.
  • Lunch for all pupils is between 12 noon and 1pm.

  • School finishes for Reception and Key Stage 1 at 3.00pm.

  • School finishes for Key Stage 2 at 3.15pm

Nursery timings
  • Am: 8.45 - 11.45

  • Pm: 12.45 - 3.15

Department for Education

DfE Compare Schools

Please visit the site above for government data on our performance and progress. More up to date information could be available from the Headteacher depending on the time of year.

Pupil Premium
This government grant is paid to each school on a formula funded basis. £600 is given for each pupil who receives free school meals.

In academic year 2012-12 LHS was awarded £600 paid in retrospect. The school is planning to use this money to support the learning of children on school action plus. This support will be three hours per week for one and a half terms beginning in the spring.

The school received no pupil premium in the past academic year. Impact of the above intervention will be reported to Governors in summer 2013.

Lunch Times

From January 2016 the school has had a hot lunch option available. We use Dolce to provide the service. Ordering is completed online via your own account.

You have the option to provide a nutritious packed lunch your self or to order a hot lunch from Dolce as you prefer. For example, you may choose for your child to have hot lunches on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and provide your own packed lunch on the remaining days. This arrangement remains flexible week by week therefore giving you choice and full control over your child's lunch options. Payment is to Dolce, usually by direct debit.